The Chemistry Assessment Quiz has a maximum score of 25.  The questions are related to content from CHEM 115.  Each question has one "correct" answer, though fractions of a point are awarded in some cases for answers that are partially correct or suggest that most of a calculation was done correctly.

Students with scores of 18.75 or above should usually enter the department's curriculum with CHEM 116. Students with scores above about 22 may wish to speak to a member of the department about advanced placement options, though that normally involves taking an additional (longer) placement exam.

Students with lower scores will probably be better served by starting with CHEM 115 and doing both 115 and 116 if they intend to take additional chemistry or if their major or minor requires the completion of 116. Students may, of course, discuss their background and performance with a member of the Chemistry department if they wish to do so.

Approval to Register for Introductory Courses

Students planning to take CHEM 115 or 116 at any time during the 2014-2015 academic year should email the instructor listed for the relevant course, providing their name, Lawrence ID, placement exam score, and the CRN for the class/ lab time they prefer.

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