The Academic Program

The TSA program at Lawrence is dedicated to helping students improve both their English proficiency and their understanding of contemporary global issues. Students may choose courses in a variety of disciplines that deal with the issues that affect all of us in the global community: anthropology, gender studies, education, ethnic studies, environmental public policy, and international studies. TSA students will meet and interact with Lawrence students who also have special interests in these areas. In the Fall Term, TSA students begin their exploration of global studies with the course, International Perspectives on American Culture, which is also attended by regular Lawrence students.



Program of Study (2013 - 2014)

Fall Term

  • ESL - English in the American University
  • ESL - Experiential Language Learning
  • Freshman Studies - TSA section
  • Introduction to American Society I (meets once per week)



Winter Term

  • Core course in global studies, such as:
  • Introduction to Feminist Theory and Practice
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • International Politics
  • Modern East Asian Civilization
  • Introduction to Design for Theatre
  • ESL - Advanced Communicative English
  • Elective Course in thematic area
  • Introduction to American Society II (meets once every two weeks)

Spring Term

  • Optional ESL Course - Speaking and Listening
  • Two to three elective courses in thematic area
  • Introduction to American Society III (meets once every two weeks)

Academic Schedule

  • Arrival: Friday, September 5
  • Orientation & Fall Term: September 6 - November 26
  • Winter Break: November 27 - January 5
  • Winter Term: January 6 - March 19
  • Spring Break: March 20 - 30
  • Spring Term: March 31 - June 11


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