Campus Life

In addition to studying, CS-L students find that the Lawrence community offers a variety of opportunities to learn more about American culture, improve English skills, and make friends. In order to facilitate CS-L students' integration into the campus life, Lawrence offers a number of special programs:

  • Residential Living: All CS-L students are matched with an English-speaking Lawrence roommate and placed in one of seven residence halls.
  • CS-L Mentors Program: Each CS-L student is assign to a Lawrence student mentor during term I and term II. Mentors help students with questions about the university, adaptation to American culture, and campus life. In addition, mentors meet with a small group of CS-L students weekly to introduce them to a variety of social activities on campus.

Waseda student performance at cabaret 2015

  • Lawrence International: This student-run group for international students organizes holiday events, formal dances, "International Cabaret," regional meals, and a variety of other social opportunities for international and American students. One CS-L student serves on the Lawrence International Board of Directors each year.

CS-L program events:  the CS-L program sponsors and co-sponsors events for students their roommates, and their friends, such as Easter egg coloring, cooking Japanese food, and trips to Madison, Wisconsin and Mitsuwa Japanese supermarket near Chicago.

  • In addition to CS-L-sponsored programs, Lawrence University offers a variety of opportunities for student involvement that are open to CS-L students. Below is a sample, rather than an comprehensive list: