Campus Life

In addition to studying, CS-L students find that the Lawrence community offers a variety of opportunities to learn more about American culture, improve English skills, and make friends. In order to facilitate CS-L students' integration into the campus life, Lawrence offers a number of special programs:

  • Residential Living: All CS-L students are matched with an English-speaking Lawrence roommate and placed in one of seven residence halls.
  • CS-L Mentors Program: Each CS-L student is assign to a Lawrence student mentor during term I and term II. Mentors help students with questions about the university, adaptation to American culture, and campus life. In addition, mentors meet with a small group of CS-L students weekly to introduce them to a variety of social activities on campus.
  • Lawrence International: This student-run group for international students organizes holiday events, formal dances, "International Cabaret," regional meals, and a variety of other social opportunities for international and American students. One CS-L student serves on the Lawrence International Board of Directors each year.
  • Conversation Partner Program: students may sign up to be conversation partners with American students studying Japanese. Conversation partners share conversational language practice in English and Japanese. In addition, they also meet to discuss cultural questions.
  • CS-L program events:  the CS-L program sponsors and co-sponsors events for students their roommates, and their friends, such as Easter egg coloring, cooking Japanese food, and trips to Madison, Wisconsin and Mitsuwa Japanese supermarket near Chicago.
  • In addition to CS-L-sponsored programs, Lawrence University offers a variety of opportunities for student involvement that are open to CS-L students. Below is a sample, rather than an comprehensive list:

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