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What is Senior Experience?

Senior Experience is a program that engages every Lawrence senior in a culminating academic project that demonstrates proficiency in their major field of study, integration of knowledge and skills gained during their years at Lawrence, and development of scholarly or artistic independence.

A “bookend” to Lawrence’s nationally recognized Freshman Studies program, Senior Experience arose from our campus-wide commitment to individualized learning as a vital part of a Lawrence liberal education.  Every Lawrence senior plans and executes a significant independent project — such as an independent study, collaborative research project, major seminar paper, conceptually-based field experience, exhibition or performance — that meets criteria for the major established by the faculty of that academic department.  In this way, Senior Experience provides a culminating experience that is both personalized to each student and universal to students across the university.

Students should discuss their Senior Experience plans with their faculty advisor during the junior year.  Students with anticipated project costs in excess of a few hundred dollars should consider applying for a mini-grant from the Mellon Fund for Senior Experiences at Lawrence.  See the sidebar for more information.

Senior Experience Director

Bob Williams, Associate Professor of Education

Mellon Student Mini-Grants

Mellon Department Mini-Grants

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