Barr Rudin Study Abroad Grant App

This application is for the Helen Barr Rudin Study Abroad Grant.  Please review the grant's main page for eligibility and other information.  The application deadline for 2016-17 Barr Rudin Study Abroad Grant is May 9, 2016 and must be submitted by 5pm on the deadline.  Late applications will not be considered.

Personal Info
Please list a faculty reference which the selection committee may contact in relation to this application. (This reference is not required to submit a recommendation at this time.)
Proposal for Follow-up Project
Provide a statement outlining your proposed follow-up project. Please write and edit this in a Word document and copy it here when it is ready to be submitted. This statement should be roughly one word processing page in length.
By checking this box and submitting this application form, I understand that the Office of Financial Aid will access my financial aid eligibility information and the costs my off-campus study program and that this information will be used in the application review process.
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