Meet the Program Assistants

Sam Bader '18

Major: Anthropology

Minor: Ethnic Studies and Music

From: Hilo, Hawai'i

Why did you come to Lawrence? I came to Lawrence for a number of reasons: the chance to learn and grow in a liberal arts college, the opportunity to experience and live in a place different than the one I grew up in, the ability to pursue my music career although not being a conservatory student, the small college environment, the friendly atmosphere, and the fried cheese curds.

What clubs are you a part of on campus? I am currently active in Lawrence University Native Americans (LUNA), Men of Color Alliance (MOCA), Lawrence Christian Fellowship (LCF), People-to-People International, and the Lawrence University Jazz Workshop.

How did the FAI prepare you to be a successful Lawrentian? The FAI helped me to practice what is expected of Lawrence students. Through daily interaction with faculty and students, I came to understand the academic expectations at Lawrence and feel more comfortable working in the college environment both in and outside of class. It also gave me the opportunity to make lasting relationships with students and teachers who will be alongside me as I continue through college.

Why would you recommend the FAI to other incoming students? In hindsight, the advantages of being a part of the FAI are so valuable, I don’t think I would have been nearly as satisfied with my first year if I hadn’t participated in the FAI. It’s a great program that helps you get ready for a university that is going to help you learn about yourself and open up your world, and it has definitely made a lasting impact on my college experience. I would definitely recommend the FAI to every student coming to Lawrence for the first time.

Anita Li '18

Major: Psychology

From: San Francisco, CA

Why did you come to Lawrence? I was seeking a small, tight-knit community that looks at  students as people, not numbers. I flew from San Francisco to Appleton on Admitted Students Day and found what I was looking for.

What clubs are you a part of on campus? LU Dance Team, Volunteer Center Service Corp, Student Ambassador Program, Coleman RLA Staff 

How did the FAI prepare you to be a successful Lawrentian? I had an advantage in getting familiar with campus resources such as the Center for Teaching and Learning, Instructional Technologies, and the Wellness Center.

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