Matthew Ansfield

Director of the Freshman Academic Institute
Instructor of FAI Topics in Psychology Course
Professor of Psychology

I have had the honor of teaching in the Department of Psychology at Lawrence University since 2000.  I am originally from Wisconsin and always hoped to find my way back to my beloved home state after having moved away to attend graduate school at the University of Virginia and teaching at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. What I enjoy most about teaching at Lawrence -- aside from living a short 26 miles from Lambeau Field and the Green Bay Packers -- is working with our highly motivated student body and knowing that I play a role in helping them succeed in reaching their academic and personal life goals.  My work with the FAI has been especially gratifying since it allows me to work with incoming freshmen before they even begin their academic careers at Lawrence.  The primary goals of the FAI are to provide students with opportunities to learn first-hand about the rigors of academics at Lawrence, to help them develop effective strategies to succeed in both seminar and larger lecture courses, and to become familiar with and comfortable utilizing the important resources available to ensure student success.  The work I do in the FAI gets at the very heart of what we strive toward as an institution - helping students to meet their potential.  Most importantly, the FAI allows me to help ensure that new Lawrentians are on the right track from the very beginning of their collegiate careers; words cannot describe the satisfaction that comes with being a part of that process.

Julie Haurykiewicz

julie, haurykiewicz
Instructor of the FAI Seminar
Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning
Instructor of Freshman Studies and Public Speaking

The Jesuits use a Latin phrase, cura personalis, as one of their mottos.  In my life, this concept has transcended its original context and speaks to my ethos as a teacher and a human being.  Cura personalis might be translated as “care for the entire person.”  It emphasizes the idea of individualized attention to another’s needs, respect for the background and circumstances which have shaped that person, and appreciation for his/her particular talents and insights.  It is about meeting individuals where they are at and supporting them as they face challenges.

Since 2005, I have worked on behalf of Lawrence students’ efforts to achieve academic success, both in our campus learning center (with a focus on peer tutoring and academic skills support) and in the classroom (teaching Freshman Studies and public speaking).  I am committed to helping students learn about and practice essential academic abilities such as effective reading, writing, and speaking; develop habits of mind such as critical thinking; and hone college success skills such as time management.  I look forward to working with with FAI students as they begin their college careers in order to help them get off to a strong start at Lawrence.  One of things I think makes the FAI (and Lawrence as a whole) special is the personal connections that develop among students, staff, and faculty.  It’s a privilege to get to know students as individuals in a setting like FAI and to help them to develop attitudes and abilities that will serve them well throughout their time at Lawrence and beyond.

Jacque Troy

Instructor of the FAI Seminar
Instructor of Freshman Studies and Acting; Artist Educator

I began my relationship with Appleton immediately after graduating from University of Iowa, when I completed my student teaching at Appleton West High School.  Following three years in a traditional high school teaching job, I sought more varied educational settings; serving a wider variety of students.  Since making my home in Milwaukee in 1997, I have enjoyed a life marked by non-traditional teaching and theatre performance.  I spent two years as the Teaching Specialist at Discovery World Museum, nine years as the Education Director at Milwaukee Repertory Theater and six years as the Education Director/Literary Manager at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre.  This work has also afforded me the opportunity to perform at nearly every professional theatre company in Milwaukee.  I am a proud member of Actors' Equity Association.

When not performing, I serves as the Instructional Coach for Arts@Large, Inc. which is dedicated to keeping the arts in inner city schools in Milwaukee.  Additionally, I have led workshops at Racine Correctional Institution and serve as an adjunct professor in both theatre and education at Lawrence (Freshman Studies, Acting One), Mt. Mary and Marquette Universities.  Last spring, with other Lawrence University faculty and students, I enjoyed the opportunity to teach playwriting workshops in Jamaica.  I will travel with a similar group to Sierra Leone in November to teach Shakespeare's MERCHANT OF VENICE.

I also enjoy doing live vocal work. Past performances include a critically acclaimed narrative underscoring for Wild Space Dance Company, narration for a piano performance of Firebird, radio drama, and two works performed at Lawrence University: excerpts from ROMEO AND JULIET for the LU symphony orchestra and a piece based on the book, Left Behind in Vienna: Letters of a Jewish Family Caught in the Holocaust, 1939-1941.

If you're looking for me on campus, be sure to check my husband's office. Timothy X. Troy serves as the chair of the Theatre Department.

Peter John Thomas

Instructor of the FAI Seminar
Professor of Russian

Peter John Thomas is the recipient of two teaching prizes at Lawrence University: The Freshman Studies Teaching Prize in 2015, and the 2013 Award for Excellent Teaching by a Young Faculty Member at Lawrence.  In presenting the 2013 Award for Excellent Teaching to Professor Thomas, President Jill Beck stated:   "In addition to passion, you demonstrate a deep mastery of the material that brings new insights to complex texts and enables students to see new connections and construct new ideas. Your insistence on high standards brings out the best in students, pushing them to new levels of accomplishment. You lead dynamic class discussions, focus on critical thinking, and enhance your students’ writing ability. Your outstanding teaching has helped infuse the Russian department with a high level of energy and has enhanced its attraction for students. Your teaching in the Freshman Studies program has also been highly successful. You are praised for motivating students to think independently about issues in the texts without suggesting answers to them. Every course you teach has been a complete success and has had a transforming effect on your students."


Kate Frost

Student Success Coordinator and Academic Counselor

A member of Lawrence's Center for Academic Success team, Kate Frost helps Lawrence students break through barriers to reach their potential as students, scholars, musicians, and athletes.  Kate provides this support to each participant in the Freshman Academic Institute through student success workshops and one-on-one academic counseling.  Listen to Kate Frost describe her work with students in the this video.

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