To Our Neighbors:

Lawrence University is a nationally and internationally recognized resident liberal arts college and conservatory of music, devoted exclusively to undergraduate education. We have no graduate students!  Lawrence is home to about 1500 students almost exclusively living on campus. Each year, nearly half of the Lawrence student body undertakes some form of service within the Fox Cities, whether as a volunteer, as an intern, a student teacher, or a researcher.  We are eager to increase this number and increase university engagement with the community.

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering working with Lawrence students:

  • Trimesters: Instead of semesters, Lawrence divides the academic year into three ten week terms. The first begins in September and ends before Thanksgiving. The second extends from the first week of January to March ending with a week long spring break. The third trimester keeps students in class from March into early June, pushing the end of the school year much later than most colleges.  This schedule creates an exceptionally rigorous and stressful academic environment. When working with Lawrence students, keep in mind that they will be taking exams on a monthly basis and constantly have looming deadlines in mind.
  • Liberal Arts Curriculum: Lawrence provides an outstanding liberal arts education, but it does not offer majors that prepare students for particular careers. Instead, Lawrentians take courses of study with in traditional academic disciplines. Majors with the largest number of graduates (in descending order): music performance (47), biology (39), psychology (32), English (27), history (23), government (20), economics (19), music education (16), music (16), studio art (13), anthropology (12).
  • Residential Campus: Students at Lawrence are required to live on campus all four years at Lawrence. This creates a highly stimulating intellectual and social environment, but it skews Lawrentians’ sense of distance. Most students do not have cars and this further limits the possibility of Lawrence students from travelling long distances.

Despite these potential obstacles, Lawrentians have numerous assets to offer.  If you’re in need of someone to help with data-crunching, look for someone with quantitative skills. A linguistics, economics, or philosophy major may be just the person to help you with this analysis. Need marketing help? Look for an English major or a Studio Art major. Here’s a short list of other services that members of the Lawrence community can provide for you:

Survey Design and Analysis

Students and professors can design, implement and analyze a problem that your organization may be facing. They might be able to analyze the effectiveness of a program or provide you with a statistic you need to apply for a grant


Lawrence has a strong Environmental Studies program and can help you with any efforts towards all things sustainable.

Global Issues

Lawrence focuses on providing a globalized education, and Lawrence enrolls an exceptionally large number of students from abroad, nearly fifteen percent of campus.

The Fine Arts

Lawrence has outstanding programs in Music, Theatre, and Studio Art. We might be able to help you tell your story in a whole new way through our creative work.

New Media

College students are incredibly internet savvy. In addition to being able to help you keep your Facebook and blog pages updated. Lawrence faculty and students hold a substantial interest in more advanced aspects of new media. Lawrentians can ensure that your web presence is rich and deep with a variety of media including video, photography, and audio.


Lawrence students are exceptional writers. We can help with writing grants or content for brochures or websites; we’re also pretty good at editing and proofreading!

Who To Contact

  • Volunteers – Lawrentians can give you their time without any reservations. If you need people to help facilitate events, supervise children or anything else you can think of, Lawrence can help you. The Volunteer and Community Service Center (VCSC) runs several established programs to connect you with Lawrence volunteers. Organizations that are especially interested in working with Lawrence volunteers can work with the VCSC and host a Lawrence Service Corps member. Service Corps members spend about ten hours helping to maintain a healthy relationship between Lawrence and area non-profits, recruiting volunteers and helping fill in needs where necessary.
  • Interns — Contact the Lawrence Career Services Office to find out how to host an intern at your organization.
  • Service Learning Projects– Students in a class can help fulfill substantial needs that your organization might have. The faculty Director of Engaged Learning can help connect you to particular classes and teachers.

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