Off-Campus Student Highlights

This page seeks to give insight into the experiences of students who have participated in our Off-Campus Programs, while helping inform other students about Off-Campus Programs through personal stories. 

Katie Schumacher-London Centre

Katie Schumacher-London Center

"Navigation and public transport. I went an hour and a half nearly everyday to my internship in Lewisham. I had never taken public transport in my life and never really navigated a city on my own. Now I want to potentially go to grad school abroad and am confident I can find my way no matter where I am, this is a huge lesson I learned from studying abroad."


Sarah Diamond-ACM India Program

Sarah Diamond-ACM India Program

 "A more specific high point was when I traveled to Ladakh in Kashmir in the Himalayas for 10 days. We went on this crazy trek one day through Hemis High Altitude National Park at an altitude of about 17,000 feet, to a homestay in a tiny village of about 40 people called Rumbakh. The only way to get to this village was hiking - no cars or even bikes could reach it. It was freezing and the hike took all day, and we would get dizzy and nauseous because of the altitude intermittently. We reached Rumbakh right before dinner. The people in this village had virtually no identification as humans - they were literally the only people that knew each other existed, which kind of blew my mind. My best friend and I snuggled together at night to fight the cold, and then hiked back the next morning. It was an insane experience that I   will never forget."


Maddie Scanlan-London Centre

Maddie Scanlan 2.JPG

"I was able to explore London independently and learn so much about British culture as well as about myself. While studying in London, I fell in love with the boundless history of the country which led me to change my major! I have never felt more motivated and apprehensive about studying a specific subject. I wouldn't say London changed my life, more so London paved a crystal clear path that I hope to follow after Lawrence"

Kobe Lewin-India Studies

Kobe Lewin-India Studies"I had amazing experiences traveling, learning, eating and just experiencing life abroad. However, the thing I miss most and the highlight of my trip was eating a delicious dinner with my host family every night. My host mom would always prepare a delicious vegetable based curry and warm chapati and dhal to go with it. The food was terrific but what really made the experience was the conversation I had. I discussed differences between my upbringing and my host family's culture. I would talk to my host brother for hours about rugby, movies, and the differences between American English and Indian English. Every night I would learn something new while eating a delicious dinner."


Hannah Jeruc-London Centre

Hannah Jeruc-London CentrePoppies, Tower of London
"From August to November of 2014, this magnificent sea of ceramic poppies was on display at the Tower of London to commemorate the centennial of WWI. Each poppy represents a British casualty."

Molly Hopkins-IES Paris

Molly Hopkins-IES ParisGardens of Versailles
"This photo was taken on a trip to Versailles. While the palace itself was a little too much for me, the gardens were gorgeous. There was green as far as the eye could see and you could just feel the history and importance of the place while you were standing in it."

Hannah Ganzel-ISA Granada, Spain

Hannah Ganzel-ISA Granada, SpainWalking Along the Wall
"This photo was taken in Granada while I was hiking next to an ancient Moorish wall. It shows contemporary graffiti alongside the wall, with the timeless mountains in the background." 

Isabel Dammann-Earth and Environment in Italy

Isabel Dammann-Earth and Environment in ItalyNaptime in an Olive Grove
"On a small island off the coast of Croatia, as we waited for a lunch of fresh seafood and wine, some of my friends thought it was the perfect opportunity for a nap in the sun beneath the olive trees. THIS is the Mediterranean!"

Amy Hutchings-London Centre

Amy Hutchings-London CentreWinter in Scotland

"I loved London. Wales was interesting to visit. Ireland was a fun way to end my term abroad. But the place I will always want to go back to first is Scotland. It changed the way I see the world, even in the pouring rains of winter, when the weather is fickle...and nothing is quite as green as it promises to be."

Jacob Hodges-Budapest Semester in Mathematics

Jacob Hodges-Budapest Semester in MathematicsSlovak Paradise National Park
"This picture was taken on a hike through Slovak Paradise National Park in Slovakia. The hike was filled with almost prehistoric-looking scenery like this."

Anne Ela-ISA Granada, Spain

Anne Ela-ISA Granada, Spain Atop Mount Titlis
"Just outside of Zurich, Switzerland is a little town called Engelberg that I stumbled across with some friends. Since it was the off-season for skiing there were very few people there and it felt like we had the entire mountain to ourselves."

Audrey Cuthbert-ACM Florence Arts and Humanities

Audrey Cuthbert '17, ACM Florence - Arts and HumanitiesTra gli Dei

"This photo captures the highest point of the iconic Florence Cathedral- the Duomo. It is the compass of beginner Florentines, as well as a hub for tourists, students, and residents alike."

Alexis Ames-Madagascar

Fate's Loom Alexis Ames-MadagascarFate's Loom
"Located in Central Eastern Madagascar, the village of Ranomafana is home to many young women learning the age-old craft of weaving. The cotton and silks are harvested domestically, and hand-dyed with natural materials from the rainforest. The scarves they weave offer a chance to make an impact on the wealth and health of their community, and be lead an important role in their households."

Katharine Kollman-LU Francophone Seminar in Dakar, Sénégal

Katharine Kollman-LU Francophone Seminar in Dakar, Sénégalla Pirogue
"Fishing is one of the most important parts of the Senegalese economy. Modern day fishermen still use traditional means, including small wooden canoes, called "pirogues", that are brightly decorated in senegalese colors and affirmations of good luck. We were fortunate enough to visit a traditional fish market and get our fill of the hard working, brightly garbed men and women hauling in huge nets full of fish to be prepared, smoked or sold."

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