Charge to the President's Committee on Diversity Affairs

Members: Four faculty members, one of whom will be designated as chair; the Dean of the Faculty (or designate); the Dean of Student Academic Services (or designate); one representative from the Office of Admission and Financial Aid; one representative from the Dean of Students’ Office; two student representatives from the LUCC Committee on Multicultural Affairs.

Purpose: To promote in the Lawrence community:

  1. greater cultural and ethnic diversity;
  2. a climate conducive to attracting and retaining minority students, faculty, and staff;
  3. curricular and extracurricular initiatives aimed at increasing multicultural awareness and appreciation.

To these ends, the committee will:

  1. advise the president on matters relating to multicultural affairs;
  2. promote faculty and staff engagement in the recruitment, selection and retention of minority students, faculty and staff;
  3. make available appropriate educational and training resources for faculty and staff;
  4. sponsor, on an annual basis, workshops, symposia, or other events for faculty, staff, and students on multicultural themes or problems;
  5. work to increase community awareness of the challenges associated with being a member of a cultural or ethnic minority at Lawrence and in Appleton.

President's Committee on Diversity Affairs

The 2014-2015 members of PCDA include:

  • Paris Brown
  • Brienne Colston
  • Chuck Erickson
  • Jaime Gonzalez
  • Alison Guenther-Pal
  • Karen Hoffmann
  • Ruth Lunt (Chair)
  • Pa Lee Moua
  • Jere Wickens

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