Catherine C. Kautsky Professor of Music and Chair of Keyboard

  • Meeting with Hillel to disucss "Free Hillel" movement

    Tuesday, January 21, 2014
    Type: Conferences/Meetings/Seminar

    Although I met with Hillel only once to discuss their stand on recent official prohibitions of group interactions with Palestinian spokesmen, I spent a significant amount of time gathering materials, corresponding with students, and preparing for the meeting. This was an issue that I felt was significant for the group to consider, and I was disappointed that they ultimately chose not to take a stand.

  • Research in Chicago Symphony Archives on the history of the Chicago Symphony during WWI.

    Type: Research

    This research was conducted in preparation for my MTNA presentation, "WWI: A Centenary Look at the Musical Wars," which took place in Chicago.

  • Solo Recital

    Saturday, April 19, 2014
    Type: Performances
    Location: Prairie Music School, Sun Prairie, WI
  • Music for Rik Warch Memorial Service

    Saturday, November 16, 2013
    Type: Performances
    Location: Lawrence Memorial Chapel

Asha Srinivasan Associate Professor of Music

  • Janani

    Friday, February 22, 2013
    Type: Compositions performed
    Location: Manchester New Music Mini-Festival, North Manchester, IN
    Participants: Farrell Vernon, Evan Gidley, Ben Essick, Stacy Maugans, saxophones, Pamela Haynes, piano

    peer-reviewed selection

Gustavo C. Fares Professor of Spanish

  • Grants received

    Friday, June 12, 2015
    Type: Grants received

    Latino Americans. 500 Years of History. National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the American Library Association (ALA). “The Common Good: Humanities in the Public Square” initiative. June 2015.

  • Articles published

    Wednesday, March 18, 2015
    Type: Articles published

    "El lenguaje y las expresiones de la identidad." In Raggio, Marcela y Guillermina Perera de Saravia​. La construccion de identidades en el mundo anglofono contemporaneo. Mendoza: Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, 2014. 59-78.

Kathy Privatt James G. and Ethel M. Barber Professor of Theatre and Drama and Associate Professor of Theatre Arts

  • Conferences/Meetings/Seminar

    Tuesday, November 3, 2015
    Type: Conferences/Meetings/Seminar

    Panelist at Association for Theatre in Higher Education Conference, Montreal, CA, 7/30-8/2/15 "Setting the Stage for ALL Voices: Remembering Diversity in Teaching and Production

Claudena Skran Edwin & Ruth West Professor of Economics and Social Science and Professor of Government

Robert F. Williams Associate Dean of the Faculty and Associate Professor of Education

Meeting Minutes

The minutes from faculty meetings through 2011-2012 are located here. Please note that you'll have to login to view these documents.  To see the minutes of meetings from September 2012 to the present, click on "Resources for Faculty" in the menu to the left; scroll down to "Faculty Meeting Minutes."

2012 and 2014 National College Health Assessment surveys

In April, Scott Radtke, associate dean of students for health and wellness, presented results of the 2012 and 2014 National College Health Assessment surveys. You can view the presentation here: NCHA2014_2.pdf

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